Haim ( pronounced: Hi-em; Hebrew for life) is probably my new favorite band… and obsession. This all girl /sister band will go on my top 10 favorite band list from now on.   I can’t get enough of their Days are Gone Album and I think you should go  and listen to the full stream on NPR right this minute. DAYS ARE GONE on NPR

Here are a two of my favorite songs:

Haim – Forever

Haim – Let Me Go

and of course an incredible Sheryl Crow Cover


Arcade Fire

I am patiently waiting for the new Arcade Fire album, Reflektor, which comes out on October 29th!  I have actually been waiting for this album all year long so I can barely contain my excitement that it is only 8 days away!

Thank you to Pretty Much Amazing for giving me a new single to listen to today!

Check out Afterlife below!


Thanks to the season 3 trailer for Game of Thrones I discovered MS MR.

MS MR  is a Brooklyn based “chillwave” duo… To be honest I am not really sure I would call it chillwave, but it does have this awesome electro dark pop sound that intrigues my ears!  Their EP has 4 awesome songs that you can listen to right now and their album comes out on May 14th

The song used for the Game of Thrones season 3 trailer is called Bones.. and let’s just say I am slightly obsessed.

Here is the new single, Fantasty, from their upcoming album:

and one more for good measure…

I was very pleased to stumble upon them covering my favorite LCD Soundsystem song – Dance YRself Clean on Triple J



Tegan and Sara – Closer

Received Tegan and Sara concert tickets for Christmas and I can’t wait to see them.  Their new album, Heartthrob, debuts on January 29th!  I loved Sainthood and so far the couple songs I have heard off of Heartthrob won’t be disappointing.

Here is another song off of Heartthrob:

Youngblood Hawke

Artist: Youngblood Hawke

Song: We Come Running

A couple weeks ago this song was the free itunes single and a friend highly recommended that I check these newcomers out. I liked it enough to purchase the full E.P.  Looking forward to seeing them live this week at The Constellation Room in Santa Ana.  If you like GroupLove you will like Youngblood Hawke.

Mumford & Sons

Artist: Mumford & Sons

Song: I will Wait – Official Audio.

Prepare to fall in love with Mumford & Sons all over again with their newest single, I Will Wait.

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time.

( this is a special acoustic version done by The Occidental Saloon)

I love how passionate the band is during the performance.  The lyrics to this song are great too!

I have been listening to their 6 song EP all day and I am so happy this band has entered my life!

* Ps: how can you not like a band with the name “Imagine Dragons,” it just sounds magical!

Kimbra – Settle Down

The video for this song makes it that much more enjoyable.

Kimbra is becoming a favorite of mine.


Goyte – Somebody I used to know. Featuring Kimbra.

This video is so different and this song can speak to some many peoples hearts.

Watch, listen & fall in love with Goyte.

Bon Iver cover

To go along with my obsession with cover songs, here is Birdy, a 15 year old, covering Bon Iver, Skinny Love.

This will not be the only time you will hear about Birdy more on her soon.